Is The Best Weather Station The One In Your Back Yard?

Predicting the weather used to be something we all took with a pinch of salt and hoped that the weather people on the TV had got somewhere in the ballpark of ‘right’. The internet has changed everything.

Now we are all familiar with models and the differences between early and late ones. We are aware of the paths that a hurricane could take, we know when a nor’easter will go out to sea.

Our interest in the weather has expanded as our ability to get information has grown.

best weather station

Getting ever deeper

There are people who take that interest a level deeper. To the point where they become their own weather expert even going so far as to set up a best weather station so they can monitor local weather and predict what will happen over the next days.

Collect and analyze

Forecasting the weather consists of collecting the data and then making some sort of statistical analysis of it. It requires a methodical mind and the ability to notice patterns but it is great fun and really satisfying when you get it right.

Collecting data

Collecting the data requires outside equipment. You will need a thermometer for temperature readings, a barometer to take the pressure. You will measure rain, humidity and wind as well. That’s why most personal weather stations have a number of sensors on them.

You can have a simple system which requires that you go out and take the measurements on a regular basis. This is great on a lovely spring day, but not as attractive on a day when the rain is coming down horizontally.

Luckily advances in technology means that today many systems have a wireless connection back to a home computer and you can collect weather data even when you’re sleeping.


There is plenty of software which will help do the data analysis for you – but some of the fun is doing the analysis for yourself. Much of it can be done in a spreadsheet program. Be your own weather forecaster, it’s fun!

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