How to get Complete Protein for Lean Muscle

When you are exercising on a regular basis, your body needs to get plenty of protein. This is especially true when you are doing any weight-lifting or other load-bearing exercises. When you are sore, this is definitely a sign that you will need to add some protein into the diet in order to recover much faster. This is fairly easy to do, but do you get enough protein in the first place?

If you are a meat-eater, chances are that you do get enough protein unless you just eat meat a couple of times a week. It takes at least 9 amino acids to get a complete protein and there are not too many sources of protein that are complete. For example, beans do have a good concentration of protein, but it is not complete.

You will need to mix a grain with beans in order to complete the protein and get the right amount. You can use rice, quinoa, millet, barley, corn, oats, and even some wheat if you want and can tolerate it. This will make the protein complete and then you can get back on the road to exercise recovery.

Is it still not enough? Try to use a protein supplement like melhor whey. Whey protein is a fully complete protein and it is easily digested. You get it in the form of a powder that mixes easily with water or other beverages.

You can use whey any time of the day, but after your workouts is going to be best. It is probably one of the best protein sources you can use for fast muscle-building as well.

If you do not eat things like meat and mixed beans with grains, you might need some additional sources for protein. Some people that do not eat meat will eat eggs and they are a very good source of complete protein.

The only problem with that is that you might need about 10 eggs a day to get all of your protein. Avoid this by adding in some beans and rice. Use these in addition to the whey and all will be good.

melhor whey

This all means you should get most of your protein from food. If you still don’t get at least 70 grams a day, then you can use the whey protein to boost it. Counting your protein grams is easy. Just look online at food charts or look on labels for protein counts.

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